Saturday, February 14, 2009


Wayne is a sweet and loving 11 year old boy whose SN is bilateral cataracts. Though his sight is impaired, it certainly doesn't stop him. He signs, dances, and is ALWAYS happy and smiling. He gets around by himself and does not seem impaired other than some squinting and looking at things closely. Other than the cataracts, he is completely healthy.

Wayne loves to play games. He loves to be with his friends. Although he is a bit shy, he makes friends very easily and would not fear a new environment. When asked if he wanted candy, toys, whatever, he would always ask for a few extra to share. His best friend is Jimmy, and you see the two together in the skit photo.

He likes school and is a diligent, obedient and enthusiastic student. He LOVES music. Sound too perfect??? He is... Please spread the word about Wayne.

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