Sunday, February 8, 2009

Two more videos

Its 4 am and we are ready to go!

Hi- It is 4 am here. We are all awake and STARVING! lol! We slept through dinner last night so are ready and waiting for a nice big breakfast this morning...

I probably sound like a broken record, but we are so excited. The orphanage we are going to actually has about 700 children! We thought we did great by packing 4 FULL suitcases (using the space bags!) of all clothes, shoes and toys for the kids. Now Im thinking we will need 40 more! I will have to take pics later of all the stuff. It looked like Macy's blew up when we were packing. Sara told us we were crazy before we left. When you buy it a little at a time, you don't realize how fast it adds up. For our families that will be travelling in the near future... Please carry donations for us!!!! (May as well get that request in now!!!) My hubby is freaking that I am going to shop so much to refill the suitcases. (Don't worry, hunny! I promise I wont bring back too much. Maybe just a child or two.... hee hee)

So, today will be our first full day in China... Here's what we are doing!!!

7:30 Breakfast (come on 7:30!!!!)

8 am- Visit with Chinese Dr.- We are going to see what we can do naturally to take better care of ourselves. There has been WAY to much stress in our office the last few years... I am thinking we are on an upswing now though! ;)

9:30 Shop for MORE stuff for the Camp- we need to buy paint for arts and crafts, more clothes for the older girls (we have a ton of little stuff and older boy stuff), try to find a pinata (couldnt fit in my suitcase-dag gone it!), and whatever else we find for our angels.

Afternoon tour of Great Wall

Chinese Holiday dinner with CTS (China Travel Service)- This is the last night of the lunar new year and we are attending a special dinner celebration with traditional sweet dumplings. (YUM!) We are going to meet with the officials who arrange our travel for our families. We are going to talk about our ongoing relationship and how our clients can be better satisfied!!!

Coming up tomorrow... Our first day with CCAA and Bridge of Love. =)

We will post tonight as I have told everyone we are NOT going to bed before 9 pm as we need to get on a schedule. Thanks everyone for following along! Enjoy some videos of our trip! (We have pics too but took them on Ali's camera and we don't have her USB cable to upload them. So we will take lots of pics today with my camera!)

Lots of love,

Diana, Aleda and Ali

PS I read the book "Fireproof" on the plane. (THANKS KIM!) It is a good read if anyone is looking for a Christian, inspirational, appreciate your spouse more novel. I am now reading "The Shack". These are the first books I have read in almost a year! I REALLY miss my kids, but I have to tell you, it was great to actually get to read a bit. I also have "China Ghosts" and "Silent Tears" to get through as well before I come home. Anyway, anyone read any of these and have any comments?

I gave Ali "Wanting a Daughter, Needing a Son" and have to buy her "The Lost Daughters of China" to read too. These were probably the first China adoption books I ever read and LOVED them. It is great to see the same wonder and excitement on Ali's face. She is wide eyed and taking it all in, just like I was when I started.... Pretty cool!


Hi all! We are here! Tired and exhausted, but happy. Ali and Aleda are already snoring, but I just wanted to write and say hi. We are so excited to be here!!! I will get more details about the Camp tomorrow. I will also post some of our goofy travel pics! (No sleep will do that to you!)

That's it for now. Thanks everyone for all the prayers. Just wanted to let you know we are here and are safe.

More tomorrow, now off to sleep...