Monday, July 20, 2009

PS to last post

We have about 300 pictures and 100 video clips of each child. I only posted a few that were on Ming's camera. I will download/updload/whatever (lol) mine tonight. THANKS!


Monday was a great day, but exhausting!!!!!!!!!!

We have been with Connie, a local guide who helps lots of MAA families. She took us to "Safari Park" in the morning. In addition to having wildlife within reach, we got to feed a baby white tiger!!!

After we left and headed to lunch, Ming (our China coordinator) called and said that plans had changed, and we needed to leave immediately to visit Dongguan orphanage (2 hours away!) to meet a group of children from the shared list, or who would soon be on the shared list. We have a great relationship with this orphanage and started sponsoring them a while ago with donations. It was great that we were going to meet them!!!
We thought we were going to meet 10 children, then they called and told us there would be 18. When we got there, we ended up meeting 30 kids!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!! Thank God Aleda is a packrat and brought enough gifts for everyone!
Here are some pictures of these angels! Rachel, a MAA social worker who is now doing some office work for us, is sorting through the shared list and finding which of these children are currently available. When Sara or Rachel has a chance (HA HA), they will also be posting information about these children.

We got back after 2 am and I slept in (PRAISE GOD) this morning. Time now to shower as we are leaving here in 30 minutes to transfer to new hotel to meet with CCAA. Tomorrow is our Guangzhou camp! YAY!!! We can't wait!!!
I will try to upload more pics tonight.

Thanks everyone for your prayers. We are tired, but happy, and having a great time. It is such a blessing to be here and doing this work!

Love, Diana

Boys will be boys!










Girls are first!


















Sunday, July 19, 2009

Hi all! Hope everyone is well! Things are great here but we have run into
several little glitches....

The good news is we are happy, well and VERY, VERY EXCITED to meet our new group of waiting children. I apologize for my lack of communication. At first I thought my
computer was melting (it was above 110 degrees in Hong Kong), but I found out I
just had connectivity issues. We missed a typhoon that was supposed to hit us
(they reported it to hit Hong Kong and Guangdong province, but my husband said it was just Guangdong according to CNN). Anyway, we did not know what to expect though, as we kept hearing mixed information. In the end, there was some wind and rain,
but nothing big. If anything, the temperatures cooled off about 20 degrees so
we are happy!

Internet in our Hong Kong hotel was intermittent at best. I was not able to
access the blog at all and thought it could be just because of the bad
connectivity! Now we are in Guangzhou at Victory hotel and I STILL cannot get
on the blog!!! Sara will be posting information as I send it to her via email.

Tomorrow we will go to the Safari Park, a popular Guangzhou tour for MAA
families! Then we will have lunch and Ming is due to fly in from Beijing.
Tuesday, we will travel to Guangdong orphanage and meet with several kids that
are on (or soon will be on) the shared list. Then on Wednesday and Thursday we
meet our kids in Guangzhou SWI. We have photos but no medicals yet. Sara
will start posting them as soon as we have info. They are simply beautiful kids and we can't wait to hug them like crazy!!! You all are going to love them when you see them!!!

Love and hugs from China,