Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tomorrow is the day!!!


We got to our new hotel, Yan Ling at about 5 pm. For those of you familiar with the city, it is abouot 30 minutes north of Shamian island. We met the orphanage officials, Civil Affairs officers and the CCAA and had a nice dinner at the hotel.

After a fun evening, we met with CCAA to go over the plans for the next 2 days. It is already 12 am and we begin at 7! YIKES! I will keep this quick, but they have added 5 kids, but we found out 1, maybe 2 from our original list, have already been placed. Louis definitely has a family, and we are checking on Dana. If they do, that is great! This whole project is about these kids getting families... It doesn't have to be through our agency necessarily! We are hoping all these angels will soon be in the same position!!! ;)

All files have been received by CCAA and are currently in translation. We should have them posted in about 2 weeks. In the meantime, we will collect as much information as possible about each of these wonderful angels so we can match them asap when we get the info.

Tomorrow will be a late day, but I know that I will be so excited to share it with all of you, so definitely stay tuned!!!

Wish us all luck and please pray for a successful camp and families for these kiddos!

Love to all,