Saturday, January 31, 2009

Can you believe it? IM BLOGGING!

For those of you who know me well, Im sure youre just scraping your chins off the floor! YES, I am blogging! (This is actually very empowering! Emma- can you believe I even did this myself??)

I warn you now, I am far from technically saavy, but this is my best shot at making you all a part of this trip! Also, I am not a writer. I would much rather chew on rocks than write, but I feel that this is too important not to share, so please bear with me! If it wasnt for the love, support, and prayers from all of our families, this opportunity to meet these incredible children would never be possible.... Thus, I invite you... Please share Camp Ox with us!!!

Aleda Madison, our awesome intern from last semester-Allison Wager, and yours truly, will all be making the incredible trek to China just six short days from now... I am so exited I can hardly contain myself. At the same time, I am scared to death... You see, the last time I was in China was in 2004, and that was pre-children!!!! I hate the thought of being away from my two babies, but as my 3 year old, Charlie, put is so eloquently, "You have to go hug the boys and girls who don't have any mommies and daddies". If that didnt already break my heart, his next question was, "Can I come too?" Thank God for Skype (we can talk via computer for free) and to my awesome hubby for going out and buying a webcam for me! I can now have the best of both worlds!!!

Just to recap, over the last few months, we have been scampering to get ready for this trip. I want to put a heartfelt thank you out there to everyone who has been helping us. (This covers everything from not ringing my neck for not returning calls right away, sending pictures, dropping stuff off for the kids-Thanks Rosemary!- and praying for us. Also, a VERY special thank you goes out to Christen and Lisa for sharing such a special, personal part of their lives with us so we can show CCAA and these children what life here is all about . I am in awe of both of you- your talent and story telling is simply incredible! Thank you so much for taking the time to help us show adoption in such an incredible light!!! Words are not nearly enough....

I will be posting a detailed schedule of our trip over the next few days so you can look out for waht is happening. Plan is that I will do a blog update each night! (I PROMISE I WILL TRY!!!) However, the big camp is actually scheduled for Thursday and Friday (2/12 and 2/13) so make sure to check in to see all the pics of the kids!

As many of you know, in addition to meeting up with CCAA, this trip is a humanitarian trip,as well as a chance to meet and interact with these children in an effort to help them find a forever family of their own! Sara will be busy holding down the fort (office) for us, but if you find yourself wanting to open your heart to one of these angels, please contact her asap.

In addition, we know the economy is awful, but we are going to give these kids the time of their lives!!!! Initially, we wanted to fundraise, but CCAA had some special requests and we found ourselves too busy preparing to raise funds, and thus, the entire trip has been funded out of the general account. In recent years, this was the norm, but with temporary Hague putting the business on hold as well as the closing of Guatemala, times are tough. Dont worry, we are not going anywhere! (Not anytime soon, anyway...) but if you can please find it in your hear to help us with this mission, we would be eternally grateful. All donations are 100% tax deductible and we promise (and you will see), that all funds are going directly to the children, their orphanage, and to CCAA to continue to sustain them. Please give anything you can... even if is is $5. And if you feel this is a worthwhile cause, please pass this message on, and invite others to share this journey with us. We thank you so much for your support!

Well, I guess that is it for now. I will be posting more info on what we will be doing over the next few days, so please stay tuned and keep checking back! We ask you all for your prayers for a safe and successful trip. We cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love and blessings,