Wednesday, February 11, 2009

OMG- one actually uploaded!!!

We are in Tianjin!!!

This has to be a short post as we are SO TIRED and have a big day tomorrow- actually it starts in less than 6 hours, but.... We made it!!! We met with the orphanage director, had dinner with some orphanage staff and CCAA, and got a bit of a chance to peek at the kids.

We were bracing Ali before we got there that there are always 1 or 2 that get in your heart and always 1 or 2 that pick you. The first child I saw was Shayne. He is just incredible... He saw me in the hall and stopped and waved.... I went down the hall a bit to see if he peeked again, and a nanny comes walking with a beautiful down syndrome girl. I went up to her to say hi. By that time, Ali was following behind me. As I walked toward "Lulu", she walked toward me, put her arms out, and went right past me into the arms of Ali!!!! Lulu hugged her, wrapped her legs around her, kissed her and stroked her hair. All of us just went hysterical, especially Ali. It was a moment we will never forget and unbelieveably, one we caught on video. (Too big to upload but I will try to cut all my videos down)

These kids are amazing!!!!!!!!!!! I met a few today. Dusty can talk! (the info we got said deaf and mute), Cole is just adorable, Derrick is so sweet and shy, I can't tell if a little guy I saw was Lucas.... Also Shayne... Another DOLL!! We will meet them all tomorrow, but just got a bit of a bonus today.

We also spent a lot of time with Martina, Amy, Zack, Blake and Lorie, the children from Shenzhou. Those kids are so full of life and energy!!!! They took turns one after the other dancing and singing for us in the hotel room. Martina and Lorie were a bit shy at first, but Amy is a TOTAL HAM!!!! THey all gave us hugs, kisses, and talked to us in ENGLISH!!!! THey are learning it and are very impressive!!!
Please take a look at them on the yahoo group. You will not believe how cute they are!!!!

Ive been on this blog for over an hour trying to upload video, but sorry to say that they are not working. I think they are too big. I will try tomorrow with photos too!

This is honestly one of the most incredible experiences in my life. I cant wait to share more with you all....

We will be at the camp all day tomorrow until very late, but I promise pictures then!!!

Thanks for reading!