Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A Personal Post- Happy Birthday Dani!

Many of you may remember my 4 month labor last year which ended on 2/3/08... Yes, can you believe it? My little angel, Danielle Aleda is 1 year old today! Just a pic to share of the birthday girl!

Also, thought you may enjoy the photo of my son, Charlie as well. I've been a bit rushed and uptight the last week or so... In an effort to kill his bathing procrastination tactics, while I was getting his clothes for the day, I yelled, "Charlie, you better get in that bath right now or your in big trouble!"

I guess he REALLY didn't want to get in trouble...

Kids are so funny, arent they?

Schedule for Camp Ox!!!


Hi all! Here is our schedule for the Ox camp! We are so excited!!!

Feb 12th
Opening Ceremony & Parties speech
Please help me! They want me to give a speech! UGH!

9:30-11:30 1. Self- Introduction (1 minute each child)
1. We will be taking copious notes and recording these intros for possible families.

2. Overview of U.S.-Story time with Aleda
*Aleda, once an elementary school teacher, spent the last several weeks researching
China and has written a children’s book celebrating our two cultures. Sara has
also made a coloring book for the kids with photos celebrating our countries.

3. The living situation in U.S. of adopted children
*We will be showing two films created by MAA families who have adopted Chinese children. “Journey to Katie Mei” and “Jacob’s Story” will be shown. We will have lots of tissues on hand! (God bless and many thanks to Lisa and Christen for sharing your journeys!!!) There will be a question and answer period after each film.

11:30-12:30 Lunch

1:00-3:30 Children Talent Show
We hear the kids have been rehearsing for us for weeks!!! We are so excited!

4:00-5:00 Interactive activity (MAA)
Diana and Ali will be dressing up as clowns (No comments please! ;) )
and will be playing games with the children (Pin the tail on the Ox, “Freeze
dancing” (You have to freeze and be still when the music stops), and others! After, we will be doing arts and crafts including painting wooden jewerly boxes and decorating a photo frame that tomorrow we will fill with the photo of each child with the clowns! We will also be making jewelry and having treats from a piƱata!!!

5:30-6:30 Supper

7:00-9:00 Communication & Evaluation This is where we will get to spend one-on-
one time talking to each child. We have an interview form ready and will be learning as much as we can about each child!

Feb 13th
8:30-11:30 Communication & Evaluation This will be time to finish our interviews
with each child, or for more one-on-one if possible. When done, the kids have more
play time with us!

8:30-11:30 Play room (MAA) Today we will be decorating their boxes they painted yesterday and will get to put their photos in the frames they made! We also will make more jewelry for their boxes and play with Play-doh!!!

11:30-12:30 Lunch

1:00-2:00 Movie (MAA) This is the slide show that my dear hubby
has been helping me with!!! It is only going to be about 30 minutes but will defintely leave an impact!!! These will be available to anyone who wants to buy
one!!! All proceeds go to these children. Thanks to all who contributed photos!

2:30-4:30¬ Closing Ceremony, Performance & Group Photo
Another performance from the kids. We can’t wait!!! It will be so sad to say goodbye!

Hope this helps to get all of you excited as we are!!!