Monday, February 16, 2009

Aleda's Angel- Down syndrome baby girl

Hi- I just posted this message to our yahoo group, but wanted to show
photos of this very special angel. Aleda fell absolutely in love with
her while Tianjin, and CCAA has allowed us to find her a family!!!

Here is the message in full.... Thanks!!!

MAA has been given the opportunity by CCAA to place an infant girl with
Down Syndrome. We met her while in China. She is beautiful and happy
and we will have medicals on her soon. I will post her photos on my
blog and when we have her official referral, we will post to this
list. We would love to get her home asap, so interested families,
please let us know.

We are also officially on the shared list, so please contact us if you
want us to search for a certain type of child. Many children (younger
especially) must have families with dossiers already submitted through
our agency. However, many toddlers and older children have 3-6 months
to submit a dossier. This means we may already start searching for
families with an application and SN preference sheet into MAA. This
will give you a chance to completed your HS and I800A approval while we
find your child.

Please contact Sara Lang if you are interested.

Many thanks,


Hi all- I am so happy to tell you all we are safe and sound and resting in our own homes. This trip was literally the trip of our lifetime, and we are proud to tell you that CCAA has already asked us to host another camp!!!!

I am excited to get to work tomorrow and to begin finding homes for these children. Again, if you are interested in a particular child, please send Sara your family info sheet asap. We will begin going through everything tomorrow, sending medicals and "matching".

I also didn't previously announce this as I wasn't sure it would go through, but MAA, along with Bridge of Love Adoption Services (Travel and Translation part of CCAA) will be providing a unique opportunity for families to participate in a similar experience to what we just went through. No details yet, it will basically be a cultural/homeland/humanitarian tour. Like a regular cultural tour, there will be a fee per person, but you will receive a donation receipt for a portion of the cost(to write the cost off your taxes) for each person. Sound good? It gets better...

You will spend 1-2 days in a particular orphanage meeting the children, holding the babies, and doing some type of humanitarian project for the orphanage/orphans. This will be much like what you all just experienced through us. The orphanage will also prepare a show/activity to show you about them... Much like our talent show!!!

This trip will cater to those interested in adoption, those wishing to show their adopted children their homeland, humanitarian/religious groups, or just regular travellers. There will be a little for everyone. We are also looking at possibly doing breakout sessions... For example one day half of the people will go to CCAA, while those not interested in adoption can do another tour.

We are thrilled about this opportunity and being able to work with Bridge of Love and hope to give you all a taste of the most incredible experience of our lives!!!!

We are looking to set up these tours on an ongoing basis, but hope to do the first trip later this year. Please email me if you are interested and I promise to post more details soon.

I will be posting more about our trip and more children very soon. Just need to catch up on a little sleep right now. This was literally one of the busiest and best weeks of my life.

More soon!!!