Saturday, February 14, 2009

Photos from Day 2

Hi all! It is Sunday morning here (5 am) and it is our last day in China. We will spend the last morning seeing some sights, then will be heading to the airport for our 5pm flight back to the US.

I have too many thoughts to summarize right now but plan to keep the blog going for a little while... I have so many photos and videos to share. Literally, we took over 1000 photos...

As for the post right now, I want to share pictures from Day 2. Here are some of the kids doing their craft projects and of the talent show. I will then make seperate posts featuring each child that needs a home, with their pictures, describing their personality, talents and what they said in their interview.

As for the MAA interviews we started on the way here, they kind of fell by the wasteside as we were all too emotional....

ANyway, please enjoy the photos of our children.

Love to all,

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