Thursday, February 19, 2009

Photos from Ox

Hi all! All of the photos from our trip are up on shutterfly. You can access them at The password is maaoxcamp

I am still sorting through video.

I am anxious to pour out all my thoughts to you but find myself too preoccupied at this point with finding families. Every one of these children's faces is forever imprinted on my mind.... my prayers are that they will all be adopted in the US and be able to come visit us some day with their new families!!!

Please email Sara or me if you are interested in any of these children.

Thank you so much!!!

Love and blessings,

P.S. Photos attached are Brad and Carrie; Toby; and Ali and I with Kenny, Gretchen and Toby. Toby was the one that asked me to "promise" and "guarantee" that I would find him a family. Kenny was the one that asked me to adopt him to my family. No one has yet asked about any of these children (expect Gretchen who has several families waiting to review her medicals). All of these children are waiting and praying for families!!!!!!!!! Please take a look at these angels. They are SO VERY SPECIAL!!!!!

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