Monday, February 16, 2009

Aleda's Angel- Down syndrome baby girl

Hi- I just posted this message to our yahoo group, but wanted to show
photos of this very special angel. Aleda fell absolutely in love with
her while Tianjin, and CCAA has allowed us to find her a family!!!

Here is the message in full.... Thanks!!!

MAA has been given the opportunity by CCAA to place an infant girl with
Down Syndrome. We met her while in China. She is beautiful and happy
and we will have medicals on her soon. I will post her photos on my
blog and when we have her official referral, we will post to this
list. We would love to get her home asap, so interested families,
please let us know.

We are also officially on the shared list, so please contact us if you
want us to search for a certain type of child. Many children (younger
especially) must have families with dossiers already submitted through
our agency. However, many toddlers and older children have 3-6 months
to submit a dossier. This means we may already start searching for
families with an application and SN preference sheet into MAA. This
will give you a chance to completed your HS and I800A approval while we
find your child.

Please contact Sara Lang if you are interested.

Many thanks,

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  1. She is SO beautiful! ♥ It breaks my heart that I can't adopt yet. I hope somebody brings her and all of these beautiful children home!