Thursday, July 23, 2009

Camp Ox- The scoop

Hi all! Hope everyone is well! There is a lot to tell you about but Im sorry- it seems like there is never any time to post!!!!

The main thing is that we found out today that day 2 of our camp was cancelled. It seems that there have been many swine flu outbreaks in Guangdong, and so the Civil Affairs decided to halt all the camps effective immediately. (This goes for the adoption camps as well as regular summer children's camps). Since there are 2 adoption agencies already here in China (their camps were scheduled for next week), a compromise was made and they allowed the one agency to meet with their group of kids this afternoon, and the second agency will meet with their kids tomorrow morning. As of tomorrow afternoon, all camps are totally done. We are thrilled for the kids (and the agencies) that they will get to see these kids face to face. I think the first hand description of these kids really helps in finding them a home!!!

So, on that note, I am sad that we didn't get to do all we had planned and further "bond" with our kids, but I feel very blessed that we had a full day with them. On that note, I am happy to tell you how WONDERFUL they all are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have been uploading pictures ALL DAY.... Lots more to go too!

Please check them out at password is maaoxcamp

There are so many special kids here.... We will be writing up summaries on all the kids, but please look at Eric... He is a 13 year old boy and is VERY VERY VERY special. In addition to be strikingly handsome and sweet, he has the best attitude in the world. He is brilliant, and honestly, the boy never stopped smiling. He wants a family more than anything in the world and we are 100% committed to finding his... He is totally healthy and simply amazing.

I will be posting more soon, but right now my priority is getting the pics up for you. More soon!


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  1. Diana,

    PLEASE check and see if they would open their hearts to a single mom again.

    Thanks, Charlotte