Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Camp Ox Update- One month later!

Hi all! Hope everyone is doing great! We are incredibly busy here but are enjoying every moment as our kids are finding homes and we are basking in the glory of doing God's work!!!

I know things have been quiet. A few wonderful families have been on me to keep the blog and excitement going. To those wonderful individuals, I say a big THANK YOU! I am so overwhelmed but do understand the need to remain proactive in our search for families for these children.

As of today, I am happy to announce that Shayne, Dusty, Randy, Tiffany, Hope, Vince, Kellie, Martina and Cole have all been matched with their forever families. Caleb, Tristan, and Gretchen are also on hold as we await their medicals and review of their files. So, one month later, there are most likely 12 children (most older!!!) who hopefully will be matched and home within the next 6 months. It is all so exciting. I think I have been too busy to sit and take it all in until just now. I have shivers, as we have literally have fallen in love with all of them and am so happy for them and their families!

There are also many children who families have asked about. To those families, whatever you need to help you arrive at your decision, let us know! To those who have been following along, I beg you to please advocate for these children. Many are older and only have limited time. Other have needs that would be so much better addressed in the states. All of them just want to have a family of their own. It is so hard to describe, but I literally hear their voices in my dreams... "Please, Nanny, find me a family. Give me your word. Give me a guarantee," (Toby) to "I just want someone to love me" (Tiffany and Vince), to "Can they [my children] be my brother and sister?" (Kenny) These are words that I will never forget as long as I live, and our agency is committed to working as hard as we can to help bring these children into loving homes.

Please spread the word about our angels. We NEED to find them families.

So, here is my challenge to all of you. (Thank you Maggie!!!)
Please tell 5 friends about these angels. Please ask them to do the same. The more people that know about these children, the better...

Please post to 2 groups about these children. Please share the link to our yahoo group and to the photos.

Please pray that each and every child will find the loving home they deserve....

On another note, CCAA is very happy with the success of the camp thus far. While in China, we met with them several times and discussed holding these camps annually. Last week, our China In-Country coordinator received a request from CCAA that we come back this summer. (GULP!) We are currently digesting this as we do not want to take the focus off of the Ox kids and I don't want Sara bald from stress if we leave again so soon. CCAA said that these children will be younger and possibly more minor SNs which may mean more kids will come home quicker. YAY! However, we would also need to fundraise like crazy (about $10,000- last time we used funds from the Charitable contribution fund).

So, here is the deal, I have been looking into several fundraising options. A client who has a business doing fundraising has also graciously offered to help. I will be rolling out some fundraisers in the next 2 weeks. (Things you buy where MAA gets a portion of the proceeds). Another client is going to do a Creative memories photo book of Camp Ox that will be for sale. She will also complete life books for any family that wants them. We also will be doing a slide show/movie of Camp Ox which will be for sale. The MAA movie of all our China families are also for sale, along with Camp Ox Tshirts we had made for the kids in China. So lots coming. If we can raise the money, we will most likely do this. I will keep you posted in the weeks to come, but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE if you have any other ideas to fundraise. I am totally open to things where families could share a portion of the proceeds with MAA such as Mary Kay, Candlelight, Jewelry companies, etc. This way there will be more options for familiies wishing to help. Please send me your ideas as I will be rolling this out soon.

We are thrilled from the support of our families, friends and CCAA and are so excited for these children and the children we can help in the future. However, again, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE advocate for the Camp Ox kids. Every child deserves a home. If you are interested in a child, but do not think you can complete an adoption due to needing a waiver or finanical help, CONTACT US ANYWAY. We will do all we can to help.

Thanks everyone so much for everything! I also promise I will be better with the posting! ;)



  1. Diana,

    I made $1,000 once in 2 weeks for one of my adoptions !

    Don't forget this single Mom is still lurking the streets ! LOL


  2. Hi, I just found your web site. Here is a great fundraiser idea that works for a group of my high school friends each year. We have done this for many years and now people ask to be invited.
    We hold a "Green Auction" each year close to St. Patricks Day, hence the name but that could be changed to any color/cause. We each bring a green gift wrapped in green and a pot luck dish of green food and we dress in green- do you sense a theme here :).
    We, girls only, play a game or two, eat wonderful food, get a few great recipes, have a great visit and then the auction begins. We auction off the gifts one at a time. Bidding on the beautifully (or not) wrapped gift, not knowing what is inside, without any touching or feeling - it is truly a "blind" auction. We have a fantastic time and we choose a local charity by popular vote to give the money to. We ususally raise around $800-$1000 with about 25 attendees. We have to limit the attendees due to space issues.
    It's a great evening and a great way to painlessly raise a good deal of money. Just thought you might want to try a luncheon or evening with your friends and their friends. We have also held couple auctions to raise money for church summer camp underprivledged children's fees.