Thursday, February 12, 2009

Internet is up!

I am going to have one heck of a cell phone bill, but Carl walked me through fixing my connection!!!! It JUST came up and I have to be out of here in an hour... Timing has been like this the entire trip, but we are loving it!!!

I didnt realize how big this was to CCAA. There was quite a reception! Dr Lu (CCAA Director) and MANY other officials there, including civil affairs... These people are all incredible!!!

No time for an update, but here are some pictures. THis is one of the most incredible experiences of our lives....

Also, there are 3 VERY special older girls here. THey are perfectly healthy, BEAUTIFUL, and talented. (They dance and do gymnastics!) Also, Miranda on the list is so special..... She takes care of all the little ones and signs to them. She wants to be a sign language teacher when she grows up. The all greatly desire to have a family and will age out soon. They are not part of the 39 Ox children, but have participated in all our activities. They personally went up to Dr. Lu yesterday and asked if MAA could try to find families for them. CCAA then came to us. I am absolutely in love with these girls adn MAA is committed to find them homes. PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD ABOUT THESE 12-13 YO HEALTHY GIRLS.... I have tons of photos and videos of them, and every other child.

They are the first three pictures. (Ali and I are the clowns!)

Many blessings,

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