Monday, February 9, 2009

Fun day of touring, and Holiday dinner

Hi All-

Today was so much fun. Ali and I braved the Great Wall, and I think we got our exercise for the next week. It was just incredible. Aleda did her favorite thing in the world while we climbed... SHOPPED! (Just wait til the Tianjin kids see how much she enjoys it!!!)

It is the last night of the Chinese New Year today so the streets are covered in red lanterns and there are fireworks wherever we turn. We had an incredible traditional Chinese dinner and I have fireworks going off outside our window as I type. We really picked a great time to come.

The Chinese are as polite and welcoming as ever. We had about 3 people grab Ali and I to take our pictures. We decided that they must think we are Allison Hanigan (How I met your mother & American Pie- Band Camp girl) and a chubby Natalie Portman. Well, this is what the Americans tell us anyway....

We truly had so much fun fooling around in stores, just being goofballs. I am posting some pics and am thanking God it is not video as you would all think we had lost our minds. You will probably think that anyway, but who cares? Life is short, laugh hard!!!!

Tomorrow we meet with the CCAA all day and have dinner with the directors. It is a big day for us so please pray hard for us.

That's it for tonight.

Good night, God bless...

Diana, Aleda and Ali

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  1. great update...and of course great pics. We're so proud of you guys and so happy for the future of the children you are reaching. Keep it up!

    Lefko Family